LDWB180F Two Large Door Stainless Steel Workbench Freezer

$2,915.00 incl. GST


Stainless Steel interior & exterior*
Freezer ‰Û¢ -22 to -18å¼C
Two large door
TEMPERATE thermaster
‰Û¢ Single level of shelving plus floor
‰Û¢ Elitec digital temp. controls & read-out
‰Û¢ Ambient 35å¼C & 90% RH
‰Û¢ fan-forced evaporator cooling
‰Û¢ Auto defrost
‰Û¢ Insulation is CFC & HCFC free
‰Û¢ Internal corners rounded for hygiene & easy cleaning
‰Û¢ Adjustable Feet
‰Û¢ 100 mm wall clearance required for ventilation
‰Û¢ Capacity440 ltr

* gal metal back

Power (if appl.): 240V

Additional information

Dimensions 1830 × 760 × 900 cm